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Red necklace with beads from Nepal

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Red necklace with beads from Nepal, unique and easy to wear!

  • Red beads from Indonesia and metal beads from Nepal.
  • It ends by a handmade loop and a wood button.
  • Length: 50 cm.

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Red necklace with beads from Nepal.

Traditional jewelry of Nepal has many similarities with that of Tibet. This is natural as making jewelry started when the Chinese occupied the country of Tibet in the 1950s, with many people fleeing to Nepal where they continued the Tibetan tradition. A tradition that continues to this day and over time has merged with the styles and designs of Nepal. Jewelry is directly associated with spirituality in both countries. There is even a belief that certain jewelry designs protect the wearer, such as an amulet with many metals and stones that have unique properties. Color is also used as a symbol. For example, turquoise is considered a color that protects the wearer on their travels. Red represents life and the forces of life. Dark blue represents healing and green represents balance and harmony.

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