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Orange necklace with vintage pendant

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Orange necklace with vintage pendant, Simple, yet impressive necklace suitable for every day!

  • Vintage pendant from Afghanistan and orange glass beads from Indonesia.
  • Finishes with a hand-woven loop and a wooden button.
  • Length: 53 cm.

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Orange necklace with vintage pendant from Afghanistan.

Jewelery with traditional decorative elements from Asia, mainly Afghanistan, but also Pakistan. These elements are usually used either for jewelry or to decorate traditional costumes. Therefore, most are old, with the patina of time evident. They mainly come from the Kuchi tribe. The term Kuchi (Kochi, Koochi) comes from Persia and means “one who migrates”. These are nomads in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and more recently Pakistan. For centuries, this ancient tribe traveled to Central Asia and the Middle East for the purpose of trade. Their jewelry is unique and has a history of thousands of years. Each piece is necessarily different, as the elements are always different. An ethnic series that carries history!

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