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Boho fabric necklace with amethyst

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Unique and impressive, lightweight boho fabric necklace.

  • Embroidered fabric pocketw from the Hmong tribe, african beads and amethyst beads.
  • The cord is hand knotted and adjustable from 100 cm to 50 cm.

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Boho fabric necklace with amethyst and Thai pockets.

Thai pockets are still made today in Thailand from old Hmong costumes and fabrics. It is not entirely clear where the Hmong tribe originally came from. Most likely, their ancestors lived in China and Tibet. Their strong desire to keep their identity and independence led them to the dispersion when China decided to assimilate them, by force many times. By the end of the 19th century, the first Hmong villages were established in Northern Thailand and Vietnam. They have a long tradition in jewelry and textiles and their designs are distinctive. Each piece in this series is necessarily different, as pockets are always different. A colorful series that sets the mood!

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