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Amethyst necklace with balinese beads


Amethyst necklace with balinese beads. Unique and impressive!

  • Several shapes of amethyst beads, sterling silber balinese beads and a raw amethyst stone in the middle.
  • It ends by elegant sterling silver lobster.
  • Length: approximately 46 cm (18 inches).

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Amethyst necklace with balinese beads.

Silversmithing in Bali is highly developed. The influences of the past are many and subtle as Bali has had trade contacts with many cultures for many centuries. Arts and crafts are an important part of the culture, and among their artisans there is still a community of highly skilled silversmiths. Balinese silversmiths tend to use small spheres of silver arranged in intricate patterns on a silver background. This technique is called granulation, and provides a sharp contrast between the darker background of the natural silver and the highly polished spheres of silver. Javanese silversmiths use fine filigree work on smooth, polished silver background. Most of the Bali jewelry on the market today is a combination of these two traditions.

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